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One Night With The Shifter-Theresa Meyers

February 17, 2014

One Night With The Shifter
Theresa Meyers
Harlequin Nocturne, Feb 4 2014, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373885909

Banished from the Wenatchee Were Pack where he was Beta for years, Tyee Grayson meets teacher Jess Brierly at the OON in Sinclair, Washington when vampires start a bar fight. Ty keeps Jess safe and they leave together for a one night stand.

Not long afterward, Jess tells Ty she is pregnant with his child. When vampires attack her brother Riley, a soldier Ty is training, the werewolf changes him to save his life. While turning to a vampire pack for help against another vampire group, Ty also must tell his beloved mate that he is a Were; her sibling is a Were; and she carries a Were hybrid.

The fourth Sons of Midnight romantic fantasy (see The Half-Breed Vampire) is a fast-paced novel from the moment the lead couple meets and never decelerates until the final confrontation. The key to this strong entry is Ty’s fears of being alone as he contemplates dying from becoming a lethal lunatic, dying as a depressed hermit, or starting a new pack; Jess makes up his mind with a wanted pregnancy. Series fans will enjoy the romance between the exiled Were and the human schoolteacher.

Harriet Klausner


Sentinels: Lynx Destiny-Doranna Durgin

February 17, 2014

Sentinels: Lynx Destiny
Doranna Durgin
Harlequin Nocturne, Feb 4 2014, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373885893

While staying alone at her father’s cabin in the Sacramento Mountains for the first time since she fled as a child, Regan Adler lectures the land to stop talking to her. She also knows she cannot stay long or risk the fate of her mom who lost her mind to the voices before dying in a car accident. Kai Faulkes the lynx-shifter lives in isolation near the home of Regan’s father. He hides from the Atrum Core who would assassinate him for his uncanny ability to expose their magic and from the Sentinels who would place him under constant house arrest in order to exploit his skill.

Kai’s world shifts when he hears Regan chatting with the mountain while also detecting the new silent Core magic. Unable to ignore her, Kai comes to Regan’s aid, but needs her to embrace her talent if they are to survive the Core horde assaulting them.

The latest Sentinels romantic fantasy (see Kodiak Chained) is a fabulous fresh entry with the wonderful spin of the hero avoiding both sides in the war of magic. The story begins leisurely introducing the uniqueness of each of the lead characters before accelerating into an action-packed thriller.

Harriet Klausner

Wulfe Untamed-Pamela Palmer

February 2, 2014

Wulfe Untamed
Pamela Palmer
Avon, Jan 28 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780062107558

A month and a half ago, the “incident” in Harpers Ferry occurred that still haunts Natalie Cash. She remembers nothing about that week in which three of her friends were murdered and her brother Xavier vanished; or why she survived. The police have found no leads.

When a big “dog” visits Natalie, she is ecstatic while her fiancé Rick warns her to stay away from the feral wolf. Obsessively out of character for him, Wulfe needs to insure himself this woman, whom he rescued and stole her memory of that lethal mage assault, was okay; though deep inside he knows there is more to why he visits her. However, his good intentions of keeping his distance end when the evil who attacked his Natalie tries to finish the incomplete job. Forced to reveal all to protect Natalie, Wulfe takes her back to the safety of his Feral Warrior peers at Feral House where he escorted her once before. Attracted to each other, Wulfe and Natalie fall in love, but keeping her safe remains his top priority while hers is to persuade him she that she desires him in spite of his physical and emotional scars.

The final “untamed” Feral Warriors romantic urban fantasy (see A Love Untamed) is an exciting thriller that stars the last wolf standing and the human he has cherished from a distance through several tales although the real magic is Natalie proves the cure for Wulf’s impotence. Fast-paced, series fans will appreciate the final act as the Feral Warriors, even more intensely fierce than ever before protect their mates and their offspring, confront the malevolence that threatens their new world.

Harriet Klausner

Legend of the Highland Dragon-Isabel Cooper

December 6, 2013

Legend of the Highland Dragon
Isabel Cooper
Sourcebooks, Dec 3 2013, $6.99
ISBN 9781402284670

In London, Scottish Laird Stephen MacAlisdair enters the office of Professor Richard Carter demanding his secretary Mina Seymour take him to see the antiquities expert. Calmly in perfect English that Mina practiced seemingly forever to conceal her impoverished street roots she tells the brash visitor that the Professor is not here. He insists she announce his name so while he waits, she goes upstairs. When she mentioned Lord MacAlisdair, an upset nervous Carter tells Mina to send him in.

After MacAlisdair leaves, Mina worries about her employer who seems frightened and absentminded. Deciding to confront MacAlisdair, she goes to his home where strange demonic creatures attack her and a dragon rescues her. Though bewildered, Mina remains calm as the dragon shape-shifts back into Stephen. Realizing why his friend hired Mina as his Cerberus, Stephen obtains her assistance in his mission to end the terror of an evil sorcerer; but neither is prepared for love to deepen their unity.

This MacAlisdair-Seymour Victorian romantic fantasy is a fast-paced, action-packed historical that makes London’s paranormal seem normal. The lead couple is a wonderful pairing as their relationship deftly transforms from hero-rookie sidekick to loving partners. Isabel Cooper provides a strong tale that hopefully is the first of a new series.

Harriet Klausner

The Ninth Floor-Liz Schulte

October 4, 2013

The Ninth Floor
Liz Schulte
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jun 28 2013, $13.99
ISBN: 9781490566825

Estranged for years from her parents, Ryan Sterling vowed to never go home. At a time when her decade-long boyfriend Briggs dumps her, Mother calls telling her that Aunt Bee is in St. Michael’s Hospital and inanely named Ryan executor. Ryan refuses to allow Aunt Bee at the mercy of her family so she returns to Goodson Hollow to be there for the only person who cared about her including running her relative’s clothing store.

Scared Ryan hurts deeply as Bee suffers from kidney failure. In Bee’s hospital room, the other patient emaciated Mrs. Simpson claims the closed since 1984 Ninth Floor is haunted. Meanwhile her sibling Ashley, the youngest town mayor ever, acts snobbishly distant to his sibling emulating their parents; only younger brother Blair genuinely wants to see her. Dr. Jack Sadler welcomes Ryan as does her old boarding school roommate Vivian Golde. While Ryan offers a kidney to her aunt, she receives odd packages from an unknown source, notices a stranger Aiden stalking about, and finds out Mrs. Simpson died. She begins to believe that something is not right at St. Michael’s at the same time Ryan learns why her family exiled her; but the full truth appears to be on The Ninth Floor.

This is a terrific horror tale that hooks the reader with a need to know why the hospital locked away The Ninth Floor. Fans will wonder whether ghosts walk the corridors, if this is a psychological suspense, or a psychopath; and why Ryan’s parents treat her as they do. Liz Schulte provides her audience with a strong thriller that will have fans suffering the “Jaws Syndrome” to stays at hospitals.

Harriet Klausner

The Lost Wolf’s Destiny-Karen Whiddon

October 4, 2013

The Lost Wolf’s Destiny
Karen Whiddon
Harlequin Nocturne, Sep 3 2013, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373885770

Fifteen years have passed since Lucas Kenyon last saw his father, Church of Sanctuary Preacher Jacob Gideon, but he recognizes the voice on the news even without seeing the screen. He thinks of dearest dad hunting him and killing his sister Lilly for being shapeshifting abominations needing to die.

Now his devout murdering dad promises to save Blythe Daphne and heal the defective heart of her young daughter Hailey, but Luke realizes what Jacob has in mind for the pair; as his inner wolf knows Blythe is in trouble once she goes inside Sanctuary. Jacob will kill this female Shape-shifter and probably her cub. Luke vows to rescue mother and daughter from his righteous homicidal father.

The latest Pack romantic urban fantasy (see The Wolf Prince) is an engaging tale that builds from the premise that a mother will enter hell to save the life of her child. Although there is a lack of background re the Pack to anchor the storyline, series fans will agree that the fast-paced The Lost Wolf’s Destiny is an entertaining read.

Harriet Klausner

Releasing The Hunter-Vivi Anna

October 4, 2013

Releasing The Hunter
Vivi Anna
Harlequin Nocturne, Sep 3 2013, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373885787

Demon hunter Ivy Strom waits in the club for the arrival of Sallos the degenerate Great Duke of Hell known for hunting girls here. Her plan is to end his reign of terror that have left seven dead in San Francisco, but not before she extracts information on her missing brother Quinn. Her plan fails as he recognizes her and leaves while she chases him only to crash into a patron Ronan Ames who she believes is a demon. To her shock her anti-demon melting remedy fails against this Cambion who explains he is a rarity having some demon blood but also insists he wants Sallos dead.

Reluctantly Ivy agrees to allow him to team up with her as long as he keeps his high school desires sheathed. As they stalk the demon and search for her sibling, they fall in love. However when she learns his true agenda Ivy no longer trusts the Cambion who owns her heart.

Releasing the Hunter is a super action-packed romantic urban fantasy that grips the audience from the opening encounter between the protagonists. The exciting storyline never slows even when the readers learns the history of the Strom demon hunting family; mindful, as Ana Vivi states, of the Winchester duo in Supernatural.

Harriet Klausner

Twilight Hunter-Kait Ballenger

August 26, 2013

Twilight Hunter
Kait Ballenger
Harlequin HQN, Aug 27 2013, $7.99
ISBN 9780373777389

Execution Underground operative Jace McCannon feverishly hunts werewolves while concealing from his division mates that the reason he is the best is because his DNA includes half werewolf. The hybrid currently stalks a cowardly werewolf alpha preying on the weak in Rochester.

While tracking the serial killer, whose latest victim was raped before being murdered, he corners Rochester Pack Alpha Francesca “Frankie” Amato who insists she did not murder the victim. He affirms the female packmaster’s assertion that she has the wrong equipment and no blood on her; she further explains she hunts this psychopathic rogue poaching on her turf. Though neither feels any trust for the other as hunters like him over the centuries have reduced the werewolf population to near extinction levels; they agree to team up in order to end the serial killing werewolf’s reign of terror but under his terms of captivity.

The opening Execution Underground romantic urban fantasy is a terrific taut thriller as mortal enemies become beloved enemies though neither covets the concept that the other is their life mate. The hunt for the deadly predator takes center stage as readers anticipate the confrontations between the protagonists and the antagonist, and between the emotionally scarred lead couple in the enticingly dark Ballenger world.

Harriet Klausner

Tall, Dark, and Vampire-Sara Humphreys

August 5, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Vampire
Sara Humphreys
Sourcebooks, Aug 6 2013, $6.99
ISBN 9781402274060

In New York City, Olivia Hollingsworth owns the aptly named Coven night club; a place where her all female vampire coven meet. An Alpha, Olivia is frustrated with her newbie Maya who flaunts rules like the adolescent she is by dining on humans in the club. However, the hunk and blood makes Olivia hot but under control when her creator Vincent, who she has not communicated with in decades, telepathically says she obviously has not had sex in centuries.

Doug Paxton enters the club to the shock of Olivia as he was her true love when they were human but he has been dead for three centuries. Doug also is taken aback by their encounter as he knows the proprietor from his dreams and senses she is trouble. His NYPD homicide detective partner Tom Daly defuses the tension as he explains they are investigating the murder of Ronald Davis found in a nearby dumpster on Second; his friends said he was at the Coven last night with Maya. As more homicides follow the vampiress and the cop team up trying to end one of her kind’s killings; while also dealing with their still beating love.

This rousing romantic urban fantasy returns to Humphreys’ world (see the Amoveo shapeshifter series – Untamed and Undone, etc.) with a refreshing new focus on a different paranormal species. The sleuthing is terrific as Olivia and Doug provide fans with a tour of supernatural Manhattan, but it is the second chance at love between two strong individuals that enhances this entertaining thriller.

Harriet Klausner

Hungry Like A Wolf-Christine Warren

July 31, 2013

Hungry Like A Wolf
Christine Warren
St. Martin’s Jul 2 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9780312357252

Manhattan-based Silverback clan Alpha Graham Winter considers his Beta Logan Hunter as a brother who he has always trusted with his life and that of their werewolf people. However, lately Graham realizes that his BFF wants to be number one; as his wolf has recently been increasingly out of control. With the death of the White Paw Clan Alpha Ethan Tate from cancer, Graham sends Logan to Connecticut to determine whether his former Beta, his daughter Honor who helped conceal her dad’s illness, can take charge of the pack. Both understand a female alpha is a dead alpha and a female beta is either dead or brilliantly cunning.

Honor’s longtime friend Paul Clark challenges her and she bites off his hand though she feels bad for doing so. Though she informed Graham of her father’s death and her revelation, Honor resents him sending Logan to look into her competency; though she is attracted to the unwanted intruder as he is to her. As she fights off Logan’s claim, Honor takes on challenges from clan members she has known for years, but a psychopath hides in sheep clothing.

The latest Others romantic urban fantasy (see On The Prowl and Drive Me Wild) is a hardcore entry that focuses on the violent werewolf pack succession to the Alpha position with a ferocious mating scenario that could leave either or both participants dead. Series fans will enjoy this entry with a surprising villain brings freshness though the coda deletes from the Alpha journey.

Harriet Klausner