Driving Lessons-Zoe Fishman

Driving Lessons
Zoe Fishman
Morrow, Apr 8 2014, $14.99
ISBN: 9780062059826

Married four years, Sarah and Josh hate the New York grind. When Josh receives an offer to teach at a small liberal arts college in Farmwood, Virginia the thirty-something couple agrees to accept the position, leaving behind Brooklyn and her marketing job.

Sarah hopes to find more to life while fearful of Josh’s desire for children. As terrifying to the native New Yorker is to raise a child, she is just as afraid to drive, though a necessity, for the first time in two decades since there is no public transportation. While Josh loves his job and is very contented with the area, Sarah feels lost as she cannot find work compensable to her experience and education. When her BFF Mona tells her she has cervical cancer that requires a hysterectomy which will leave her barren and perhaps lead to her boyfriend Nate leaving; Sarah returns to the city to be there for her. Back in the Big Apple, Sarah also spends time with her sister-in-law Kate and her new baby nephew Franklin. She notices the pair enjoys being together though the infant leaves his mom exhausted and even at times frustrated. By observing the euphoria and the heartbreak, Sarah knows she must conquer her phobias to achieve whatever she decides she wants out of life.

Though extensively Sarah’s tale, Driving Lessons is a profound look at three realistic flawed women with diverse fears as each thinks the others’ grass is greener (yes A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith). Character driven by the strong portrayal of the females, readers will enjoy Sarah’s sarcastic New York shtick journey to her awakening though her epiphany is expected even before she raced back to New York.

Harriet Klausner


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