Where Dreams Unfold-M.L. Buchman

Where Dreams Unfold
M.L. Buchman
Buchman Bookworks, Apr 1 2014, $6.99
ISBN: 9781310023354

Seattle Emerald City Opera Director Jervis Wilson escorts Stage Manager Widower Bill Cullen to Perrin’s Glorious Garb Boutique to meet the designer-owner Perrin Williams and see some of her work; as their costumer for the upcoming Ascension took a temper fit and left for Milan. Bill’s initial reactions to the very tall female is she is a flake while unaware the woman is exhausted from sleep deprivation having spent the last few days working on gowns for her BFF Jo Thompson’s marriage to Angelo Parrano (see Where Dreams Reside). Still he agrees to meet with her.

Still having not slept as she worked all night, Perrin arrives at his office in a gown that has everyone thinking she is an empress. Soon afterward she falls asleep on her couch. Stunned Bill contacts her friend Cassidy Knowles (see Where Dreams Are Born) who tells him to let her BFF sleep. As she works on the opera’s designs, Perrin meets Bill’s ten year old son Jasper and thirteen year old daughter Tamara. Soon Bill and Perrin fall in love while she and Tamara bond over knitting; but Jasper feels abandoned by his dad and sister, and resentful towards the intruder.

The third Angelo’s Hearth romance is a delightful family drama with a feel good storyline. Perrin is a unique individual who comes across as a real Mary Poppins though with deep scars caused from an abusive childhood. With the return of cast from the previous entries playing major roles and a look at an opera in pre-production, readers will relish this entertaining contemporary as love blossoms over several intense weeks culminating with A Night at the Opera (Marx Brothers).

Harriet Klausner


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