The Devil Walks In Mattingly-Billy Coffey

The Devil Walks In Mattingly
Billy Coffey
Thomas Nelson, Mar 11 2014, $15.99
ISBN: 9781401688226

Two decades ago in Mattingly, Virginia, the corpse of Philip McBride was found in Happy Hollow. An investigation led to the official cause of death as suicide. Three people know the truth that McBride did not take his own life.

Although filled with guilt and remorse, Sheriff Jake and Kate Barnett continue to hide their roles in McBride’s demise twenty years ago behind a facade of blissful marital paradise. However, their pseudo heaven collapses into hell with the end of their concealment; the third knowledgeable person Taylor Hathcock the insane hermit arrives in town from his mountainous retreat seeking redemption. At the same time Jake suffers increasingly from nightmares in which McBride arises from the grave to accuse those involved in his death. Hathcock’s return to Mattingly for the first time since the death that haunts him causes unease amongst the townsfolk.

The Devil Walks In Mattingly is a wonderful sin and salvation inspirational fantasy with the paranormal coming across as genuine. Character driven by the sinful trio (and a few other townsfolk), subgenre fans will appreciate this exciting salvation drama; as transgressions even of omission, whether it is the devil or paralyzing guilt, haunt those burying their head (and soul) in the riverbank mud.

Harriet Klausner


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