Captain For Laura Rose-Stephanie Grace Whitson

Captain For Laura Rose
Stephanie Grace Whitson
FaithWords, Mar 4 2014, $15.00
ISBN 9781455529056

In 1867 with the death of her brother Joe, Laura Rose White knows she probably will lose her late Papa’s riverboat, the Laura Rose; as her sibling served as the pilot of record while she actually steered the ship. She hopes to obtain her license and related certification to pilot the Laura Rose, but understands the overwhelming odds against her achieving her objective due to her gender; as no woman ever legally piloted a riverboat. Those in charge set stringent stipulations starting with her finding a willing licensed pilot to oversee her steering of a full cargo to Fort Benton, Missouri.

Joe’s best friend pilot Finn MacKnight agrees to join Laura on her ship as they sail the Missouri. During the trek, Laura changes her opinion of Finn from wastrel to caring individual while he now appreciates her drive that he used to detest. As the couple fall in love to the euphoria of their families, each finds happiness with the other.

The romance serves as a wonderful secondary subplot to a strong Americana that provides readers with a deep look at life on the Missouri (with a nod to Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi). Fans will enjoy this warm gender-bender as Laura tries to prove she deserves being captain of the Laura Rose.

Harriet Klausner


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