Always Unique-Nikki Turner

Always Unique
Nikki Turner
St. Martin’s Griffin, Mar 4 2014, $15.99
ISBN: 9781250043023

“Unique I.” With little to her name, Unique fled Richmond via Mexican whorehouses for Manhattan. There she meets Harlem-swagger boxing promoter Kennard DuVall where her blow jobs make him her sexual dependent. However, a vicious ghost from her illicit past Fat Tee arrives with demands for a million dollars. Unique and her BFF Teeydah plan to take down this brute.

“Unique II: Betrayal.” Though he suffered a setback due to chicanery of that bitch, Fat Tee plots revenge. Due to an unexpected betrayal, Unique is horrified to realize her fiancé Kennard learned the truth about his beloved. Although upset with her for concealing her time in Mexico and prison from him, Kennard is irate that punks want to hurt his woman.

“Unique III: Revenge.” Not one to sit idly by and take the blows delivered by her enemies, Unique deploys a plan of retribution on those harming her. She remains steadfast on goal to be Kennard’s last woman.

As the fourth Unique entry “Love & Lies was released, this omnibus reprints the first three engaging e-novellas that provides readers with a delightful urban tale of moves and countermoves. Although the respective storylines feel somewhat underdeveloped, street lit subgenre fans will enjoy Unique’s unique style of in-fighting that makes for a fun read.

Harriet Klausner


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