Waking Up Pregnant-Mira Lyn Kelly

Waking Up Pregnant
Mira Lyn Kelly
Harlequin Kiss, Mar 1 2014, $5.99
ISBN: 9780373178933

In Las Vegas, Jeff Norton and Darcy Penn shared a wonderful one night stand in his hotel room. While he went to the bathroom, she left unaware that to his horror the bag he used broke. Several months later in Los Angeles, Darcy informs a not shocked Jeff she is pregnant.

After puking in his office garbage can, Darcy explains she suffers from an extreme case of morning sickness. Jeff persuades Darcy to reside with his mother; pretending to be his pregnant girlfriend. As they fall in love, her childhood traumas leading to a fierce independence stand in the way of a permanent family with Jeff and their unborn child.

The latest Waking Up romance (see Waking Up Married with male lead Connor who is a buddy in this tale) is an engaging tale driven by Darcy; as the observant child becomes the loner adult. Fast-paced, fans will appreciate Mira Lyn Kelly’s fun contemporary as the protagonists turn into friends without benefits in love.

Harriet Klausner


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