A Road Unknown-Barbara Cameron

A Road Unknown
Barbara Cameron
Abingdon, Feb 4 2014, $14.99
ISBN: 9781426740596

In Goshen, Indiana, as the oldest of nine siblings, Elizabeth Bontrager has always done her duty helping with her younger brothers and sisters. However, as she turns twenty, her resentment towards having no childhood and being too busy for anyone to court make her want to flee from her family. Thus she leaves home and the fabric store where she worked to go on her Rumschpringe. Elizabeth plans to stay with her Englisher pen pal Paula in Paradise, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth and Saul Miller meet on the bus heading to Pennsylvania. He is attracted to her and elated when his dad hires her at their crafts store. However, Saul becomes jealous and upset when Elizabeth dates Paula’s friend Bruce as he wants to court her; at the same time her Bishop demands she go home as her family needs her.

The first Amish Roads contemporary romance is a wonderful coming of age novel that focuses on conflicted duties to the Lord, one’s self, a loved one, family and friends. Subgenre fans will enjoy the opening entry though key relationships feel inadequately developed to insure better understanding of how the heroine becomes pulled in different directions by demanding loved ones.

Harriet Klausner


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