Blame It On The Rodeo-Amanda Renee

Blame It On The Rodeo
Amanda Renee
Harlequin American, Feb 4 2014, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373755080

In Ramblewood, Texas thirteen years ago, Shane Langtry and Lexi Lawson were in love until he cheated with buckle bunny Sharon Vincent in a one night stand in Oklahoma while his beloved was at Colorado State. Sharon claimed he was the father of the baby she carried so they married and raised Dylan until Tab proved paternity and backed by the court took the infant with him, breaking Shane’s heart as he loved the two year old child.

Veterinarian, Lexi keeps her distance from Shane though they have become friends as she works with the horses on his family’s ranch. As Shane desperately wants another chance with his beloved Lexi, she feels the same way but has a secret that she must first reveal to him if they are to finally make it.

This Ramblewood ranch romance (see Home to the Cowboy) is a wonderful second chance at love as secrets and betrayals keep the lead couple apart unless one of them takes that first frightening step of admitting their mistakes in order to reignite their relationship. Although Lexi’s secret is ethically wrong (and overused) even as a retaliatory response caused by a broken heart, fans will enjoy this character driven Texas tale.

Harriet Klausner


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