Rescued By The Millionaire-Cara Solter

Rescued By The Millionaire
Cara Solter
Harlequin Romance, Feb 4 2014, $5.99
ISBN: 9780373742776

In Calgary, River’s Edge Enterprises CEO Daniel Riverton has little time for anyone even his mom; as he works long hours and sleeps much of the little time remaining in his day. While his home is being renovated, Daniel occupies his best friend Kevin Wilson’s condo as the photographer is overseas on assignment. However the apartment above him in the adult-only building his firm is driving him crazy as the resident has noisy children visiting her.

Trixie Marsh has mixed feelings about her twin sister Abby dumping her four years old twins (Molly and Pauline) on her since they reside in Australia and she rarely sees them but they are also a disruptive major handful. When there is finally quiet after four nights of relentless noise, Daniel still has a headache. The silence abruptly ends with a loud bang that has him running upstairs where he finds the adult tied by toilet paper to a chair like a mummy captured by Oliver Twist munchkins. As he considers fleeing the scene, Trixie identifies him by the shoes he wears. Instead of leaving behind Auntie and her rambunctious nieces, Daniel finds he needs to be with Trixie.

Rescued by the Millionaire is an amusing contemporary Canadian romance with a strong cast. The lead couple is a nice pairing who falls in love while huddling in the trenches where they learn firsthand to “Never work with children …” (WC Fields) as they tend to steal the storyline. Fans will enjoy this humorous tale in which the adult love subplot plays second fiddle to the antics of the terror twins.

Harriet Klausner


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