Threads of Home-Jodi Barrows

Threads of Home
Jodi Barrows
River North, Feb 1 2014, $14.99
ISBN: 9780802409386

In 1856 Louisiana, Lucas feared for the safety of his grandchildren (sisters: Liz a widow and Megan; and their Mississippi cousins Abby and Emma) so he arranges for them to travel to Texas with plans to join them once he sold his property; instead he was murdered (see Threads of Change). In Fort Worth, each of the four women takes a slightly different destination yet they have each other’s back.

Working in the mercantile, Liz feels she has come a long way since she lost her parents as a child, her husband and grandfather as she stands at the altar ready to marry a family friend Thomas with her twelve year old son Luke giving her away. Abby prepares to open a new school even as Samuel the lawyer denies his feelings for the schoolmarm. The youngest Emma feels the most disconnected with her confusion as to what to do until a herd of cattle almost runs her over. She realizes she can bring in needed money by providing B&B services to the cowboys and stabling and feeding their horses. While Jackson the lawman is attracted to Megan, she agrees to work with Emma on her venture. As the presidential election nears, a dispute over county records threatens the safety of the four cousins and their loved ones.

The second engaging Americana Quilting Story is an enjoyable historical due to a strong ensemble cast who enable readers to witness the “threads” of late Antebellum Texas. Although the ladies continue to adapt too easily from life as part of the 1% to working class, readers will appreciate this character driven pre-Civil War entry.

Harriet Klausner


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