Delilah’s Daughters-Angela Benson

Delilah’s Daughters
Angela Benson
Morrow, Jan 28 2014, $13.99
ISBN: 9780062002716

Delilah and Rocky Monroe cherish their three daughters (Roxanne, Veronica and Alisha) even as they encourage them to use their God-given musical talent to make Delilah’s Daughters the most popular Gospel group in the country. When Rocky dies, his four females grieve their loss. He angelically watches his beloved “harem” while his widow pushes their adult children to try harder to produce a hit that makes it onto the Billboard charts in honor of their late dad.

The siblings bring different talents to Delilah’s Daughters; as Roxanne has the best voice; Veronica the best dance moves; and Alisha the best songwriting skills. They compete as a trio at the annual Gospelfest. Veronica’s husband Dexter has plans for his wife to become famous as a solo and leave behind her sisters while Delilah’s past threatens to pull down the pillars of her family.

Delilah’s Daughters is an exciting inspirational family drama starring four fully developed unique females and a touch of whimsy with Rocky the angel looking over his beloved. Character-driven by each member of the quartet seeking a different life goal; reader will relish the Monroe brood as love proves to be a second hand emotion (nod to Tina Turner) to faith in family loyalty hammered by disingenuous ambition.

Harriet Klausner


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