Forgotten Sins-Rebecca Zanetti

Forgotten Sins
Rebecca Zanetti
Forever, Jan 28 2014, $6.00
ISBN: 9781455574445

In Washington State, Detective Malloy asks accountant Josie Dean if the hospitalized amnesiac found at a crime scene is her husband Shane. She says yes, but explains they separated two years ago and she has not seen him since. Josie finishes by telling the cop to check with the Marines as Shane was a major stationed at Pendleton when she knew him; and answers Shane’s question that their split was his idea before he vanished from her life.

Reluctantly as she is still irate at her spouse, Josie takes Shane to her home for him to heal. Shane may not remember events or people but knows he fiercely loves this woman and that whatever made him leave had to be nothing short of life threatening. Not long after the unhappy couple settle in her house, the danger he faced arrives endangering his beloved Josie.

The first Dean brother romantic suspense is an exciting second chance thriller. Shane is a terrific protector willing to die for the woman he cherishes. On the other hand uncooperative fuming Josie allows her rage towards him to impair her decision-making; which leads to her placing herself in deadly situations and readers frustrated with her inanity. Still sub-genre fans will enjoy this fast-paced tale and look forward to Shane’s siblings as heroic leads.

Harriet Klausner


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