Anything to Have You-Paige Harbison

Anything to Have You
Paige Harbison
Harlequin Teen, Jan 28 2014, $9.99
ISBN 9780373210886

Although total opposites in demeanor, high school seniors Brooke and Natalie are always there for each other. Brooke loves to party especially as the center of attention while Natalie prefers to stay home by herself. Both are attracted to newcomer Aiden, but he chooses glamour; ergo Brooke becomes his girlfriend, which Natalie sadly accepts as at least she rationalizes he is with her BFF.

Brooke persuades Natalie to come with them to the Stupid Cupid Rager. Overindulging Brooke becomes intoxicated and her flirty nasty behavior angers Aiden and upsets Natalie. The next morning, Natalie wakes up with a terrible hangover and confused as Aiden shares the bed with her when she thought she had sex with Eric. Feeling she betrayed her best friend, Natalie knows she still is attracted to Aiden.

Rotating perspective between the BFFs, Anything to Have You takes a deep look at teen desire as readers obtain two subjective viewpoints re the same incident or person. Although parental neglect is stratospheric and Brooke unlikable (albeit also sympathetic as her rocket ride seems ready to crash), young adult fans will enjoy this engaging teen triangle.

Harriet Klausner


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