Wulfe Untamed-Pamela Palmer

Wulfe Untamed
Pamela Palmer
Avon, Jan 28 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780062107558

A month and a half ago, the “incident” in Harpers Ferry occurred that still haunts Natalie Cash. She remembers nothing about that week in which three of her friends were murdered and her brother Xavier vanished; or why she survived. The police have found no leads.

When a big “dog” visits Natalie, she is ecstatic while her fiancé Rick warns her to stay away from the feral wolf. Obsessively out of character for him, Wulfe needs to insure himself this woman, whom he rescued and stole her memory of that lethal mage assault, was okay; though deep inside he knows there is more to why he visits her. However, his good intentions of keeping his distance end when the evil who attacked his Natalie tries to finish the incomplete job. Forced to reveal all to protect Natalie, Wulfe takes her back to the safety of his Feral Warrior peers at Feral House where he escorted her once before. Attracted to each other, Wulfe and Natalie fall in love, but keeping her safe remains his top priority while hers is to persuade him she that she desires him in spite of his physical and emotional scars.

The final “untamed” Feral Warriors romantic urban fantasy (see A Love Untamed) is an exciting thriller that stars the last wolf standing and the human he has cherished from a distance through several tales although the real magic is Natalie proves the cure for Wulf’s impotence. Fast-paced, series fans will appreciate the final act as the Feral Warriors, even more intensely fierce than ever before protect their mates and their offspring, confront the malevolence that threatens their new world.

Harriet Klausner


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