Going Twice-Sharon Sala

Going Twice
Sharon Sala
Mira, Jan 28 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780778315926

Though the psychopathic Stormchaser serial killer remains free, his belief in his superiority psyche has been shattered as Nola Landry witnessed and lived to tell his murdering of three of her neighbors (see Going Once). Additionally the task force injured him physically especially scarring his face and Nola’s survival caused him great mental damage as he now knows pain and anguish. Still the agents must not underestimate this psychopath who preys on people during the aftermath of a natural disaster especially with tornado season beginning.

Angry with what went wrong and holding the task force responsible for his recent setbacks, the Stormchaser focuses on taking the kill to his pursuers. He targets the newest Stormchaser TF member Jo Luckett, former wife of TF FBI Agent Wade Luckett, to prove to his foes he remains the top gun in their game. Still in love, the Luckett marriage ended with the death of their unborn child as neither could turn to the other while grieving their loss. Now they need to rely on each other as the once precise and methodical Stormchaser increasingly becomes deadlier and more out of control as he takes risks he never did before Nola devastated his equilibrium.

This exhilarating Forces of Nature second chance romantic suspense continues to emphasize catching the murderer before he kills the latest TF agent. Though on the surface the intense storyline appears similar to Going Once, the psychologically decomposing of the deranged killer brings freshness to a taut thriller.

Harriet Klausner


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