Protector-Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer
Harlequin HQN, Jan 28 2014
ISBN: 9780373778546

In seven years as Jacobs County Sheriff, Hayes Carson has been shot twice and only one prisoner, El Jefe the Mexican drug lord, escaped. He hates Jacobsville Times’ publisher Minette Rayner who he holds culpable for the death of his brother because she gave him the drugs that killed him. Hayes also knows something about her father that he promised his dad he would not reveal to anyone especially Minette. Hayes personally pledged to himself to lock up El Jefe and to deliver justice to Minette.

When he is shot for the third time while at home, the injury requires special attention and therapy; but no one volunteers to move into his home mostly because of his roommate Andy the six foot iguana. Minette offers Hayes a room in her abode shared with her family. Like him she hides a secret, but his proves dangerous to the woman he vows to be her loving Protector.

This reprint of a Long, Tall Texans romance (see Dangerous) is an entertaining entry as close quarters turns loathing into loving. The human cast adds complexity as morality proves multifaceted and convoluted while Andy being Andy steals scenes. Although there is too many flashbacks delaying the romance and the present day police procedural action, fans of the series will enjoy the sheriff and the publisher starting to fall in love; that is if they live long enough to fully cherish one another.

Harriet Klausner


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