Reaver-Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione
Grand Central, Dec 17 2013, $8.00
ISBN: 9781455526970

Reaver was once the battle angel Yenrieth, but his less than heavenly roguish actions led to memories of his past eradicated from almost everyone including himself and his offspring the Horsemen. Still considered a loose cannon lunatic by the craziest berserker battle angels, Reaver will risk anything even disobeying the Archangels or losing his wings on a mission he believes is heavenly. His self-assigned quest is to enter where angels dare not go: hell to abduct Satan’s greatest capture.

Harvester became a Fallen when she sacrificed her wings to go undercover in hell. However, after a millennium in Satan’s chamber of horrors working against the prince of evil, she has been exposed as an enemy agent who will spend eternity tormented with a craving for angelic blood. Reaver enters the evil domain knowing he will remain inside Satan’s torture chamber forever, but his gut tells him to take a chance on rescuing Harvester, although both remains ignorant to the bigger crisis than escape from hell.

The latest Lords of Deliverance (see Lethal Rider and Rogue Rider) is a great ultra-dark romantic fantasy filled with action as the rogue Reaver is “… willing to march (head dive more descriptive) into Hell for a heavenly cause” (The Impossible Dream). However what makes this entry superb is the transformation of Harvester during the overarching plot of the last few thrillers; that change also makes it imperative for newbies to read the earlier novels to better understand the courage of this doomed volunteer. Series fans of Larissa Ione’s dark Demonica realm will relish this strong stark saga.

Harriet Klausner


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