Tempest’s Course-Lynette Sowell

Tempest’s Course
Lynette Sowell
Abingdon, Dec 17 2013, $12.99
ISBN: 9781426752766

Though there is an odd stipulation that she live in Grey House while restoring the century and a half old Mariner’s Compass quilt, textiles conservator Kelly Frost needs the work to prove her competency so she accepts the commission in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Coldly greeting Kelly upon her arrival at the nineteenth century whaling Captain Gray’s home is army veteran Tom Silva, the caretaker suffering from PTSD after a haunting incident.

As Kelly restores the quilt, Tom slowly warms up to her. Kelly finds and reads the journal of the Captain’s wife Mary, who filled with remorse and guilt, explains her reason for creating the Mariner’s Compass quilt. When Tom learns of his family’s secrets, he and Kelly feel a connection to the Gray family. Someone wants them gone using seeming accidents to drive the pair out. In spite of his military time and her foster child upbringing, both want to believe a third unknown adversary is behind the events as neither accepts the person they love would harm them.

The latest Quilts of Love inspirational romance (see Aloha Rose by Lisa Carter and The Christmas Quilt by Vannetta Chapman) is an engaging tale due to the reluctant to embrace love lead couple as their initial hardness leaves them unsympathetic; though they grow on us. A twisting mystery and a deep look at mid nineteenth century New Bedford (through the journal) enhances the entertaining storyline.

Harriet Klausner


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