Touch My Heart-Wayne Jordan

Touch My Heart
Wayne Jordan
Harlequin Kimani Romance, Nov 19 2013, $6.50
ISBN: 9780373863358

When actor Dominic Wolfe injured his leg, he vanished from Hollywood. The celebrity hunk hid in New York but found his parade of therapists wanting him and not working on his leg and arm injured while rescuing his late BFF’s child. Having had enough of these losers, Dominic explains to his caring frustrated friend Dr. Charles Graham that he is going home to the Barbados though he no longer has family on the island.

Widow Aaliyah Carrington knows the loss of loved ones as she was fourteen when her parents tragically died in an accident and her three sisters vanished into adoption world (though she recently reconciled with Eboni), and recently lost her husband. Dr. Graham hires stoic Aaliyah to spend a few months in Barbados as Dominic’s physiotherapist. As Aaliyah fears love only brings pain and Dominic distrusts the emotion, they struggle with their feelings.

The second Carrington contemporary romance (see I’ll Stand By You for Eboni’s Manhattan tale) returns Wayne Jordan fans to his wonderful Barbados setting. Although more on finding the sisters would have added depth, readers will appreciate this engaging character-driven gender war between the world’s sexiest man and his physiotherapist as his Mama wisely sums up the novel with “You’ll know…”

Harriet Klausner


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