The Diplomat’s Pregnant Bride-Merline Lovelace

The Diplomat’s Pregnant Bride
Merline Lovelace
Harlequin Desire, Dec 1 2013, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373732876

At her sister’s wedding (see Business Engagement), pregnant Gina St. Sebastian rejects career diplomat Jack Mason’s proposal as he demands a marriage of convenience so their child is legitimate. Gina is deeply attracted to the widower, but knows the love of Jack’s life is his late first wife and she refuses to play second banana.

Jack proves as obstinate as Gina is as he vows to marry her even knowing her antics will nuke his career . As he campaigns with the fervor he displays when discussing field diplomatic safety and local interaction at the State Department, Jack revises his goal because he loves the mother of his unborn; she realizes she loves her persistent suitor when a life-threatening incident occurs.

The latest Duchess Diaries contemporary is an interesting romance due to the strong changing relationship between the stubborn lead couple. Readers will appreciate the answer to the paradox of what happens when an immovable couple and the irresistible force of love collide.

Harriet Klausner

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