No Good Duke Goes Unpunished-Sarah MacLean

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
Sarah MacLean
Avon, Nov 26 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9780062068545

In 1819 at Whitefawn Abbey, Marquess William Harrow awakens in a bed of blood after a wonderful night with a beauty. He learns from a troubled maid that his sex partner was heiress Mara Lowe, his father the Duke of Lamont’s soon to be fifth wife.

Over the next dozen years, the Ton believes that Temple killed Mara; due to intoxication he is unsure whether he did or did not. Now known as the scandalous “Killer Duke” of Lamont, Temple the pariah avoids his former peers except when they visit his Fallen Angel gaming establishment. To his shock, Mara arrives at his club offering him a chance to regain his lost lofty standing in exchange for his dropping her brother’s exorbitant debt he accrued at the Fallen Angels. Though he despises the woman who destroyed his life, to his chagrin Temple also wants her, but fears taking a chance on the woman who left him in a scandalous bloody mess.

The third Rules of Scoundrels historical romance (see One Good Earl Deserves a Lover and A Rogue By Any Other Name) is a strong nineteenth century tale due to the flawed hurting protagonists who must deal with and accept their past if they are to share a forever loving relationship. Character-driven by the lead couple as they slowly change and a deep support cast especially his scoundrels and their families, subgenre fans will relish this entertaining entry.

Harriet Klausner

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