Along Came Trouble-Erin Kern

Along Came Trouble
Erin Kern
Forever, Nov 19 2013, $8.00
ISBN: 9781455573929

In Trouble, Wyoming, the Golden Glove owner Brody McDermott knows his restaurant is in trouble after a food critic ripped the taste, the portion and the look in a magazine article. At the same time Brody fears for the future of his sports-themed bar and grill. Elisa Cardoso comes to Trouble with a deep desire to photograph the picturesque Wyoming landscape.

Brody hires the photographer to take pictures of his meals; she accepts because she needs the money to enable her to shoot her passion. As they work together, the homebody restaurateur and the globetrotting photographer fall in love. While Brody has doubts after fumbling his first marriage, the world awaits Elisa when an opportunity she cannot refuse arises.

The third Trouble romance (see Here Comes Trouble and Looking for Trouble) is a delightful contemporary starring two passionate people in love though his back and forth teetering feels overdone. His ex-wife and their tweener son add depth to a fine Wyoming tale.

Harriet Klausner


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