Better Than Gold-Mary Brady

Better Than Gold
Mary Brady
Harlequin SuperRomance, Nov 5 2013, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373718887

Bailey’s Cove, Maine is dying with most townsfolk waiting for the announcement of when the wake will be held. Energetic Mia Parker is the exception as she believes her new restaurant Pirate’s Roost once built and opened at an 1818 building will save her town as tourists will flock to Bailey’s Cove. However, to her dismay, the construction crew finds a human skeleton interred inside of a column buried within a wall serving as a tomb. Chief Montcalm stops the work until he can have CID clear the crime scene that will take two-three weeks due to backlog. He also suggests she asks the university to send a forensics anthropologist to expedite the crime scene as both know she cannot absorb the cost of a delay.

Feeling anger with his loss, university anthropologist Dr. Daniel MacCarey grieves the death of his beloved progressive nonagenarian Aunt Margaret that leaves him alone. The university recommends Daniel to Montcalm and the state crime lab approves him to investigate the remains. He arrives at the site where he yells at Mia to stop tampering with the evidence. Soon Daniel concludes the entombed victim is town founder Liam Bailey who vanished in the early nineteenth century. As he and Mia fall in love, he nukes their relationship bridges while fleeing to the safe academic world.

Better Than Gold is an entertaining Maine romance with a skeleton acting as the matchmaker between the staid professor and the effervescent restaurateur. Mia’s BFF Monique adds depth to understanding the heroine while much more briefly elderly Professor Loch and Aunt Margaret does likewise with Daniel. Readers will enjoy Mary Brady’s lively tale of discovering love at a secret burial site.

Harriet Klausner


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