The House On Main Street-Shirlee McCoy

The House On Main Street
Shirlee McCoy
Zebra, Nov 5 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9781420132359

Tessa McKenzie left Apple Valley, Washington when Cade Cunningham chose her sister Emily as his girlfriend over her. She became a successful interior designer in Annapolis, Maryland. When Emily and her husband Dave die in an accident, Tess comes home as guardian of her ten years old autistic nephew Alex and to take care of cranky Aunt Gertrude. She plans to sell her late sibling’s This-N-That Antiques store and The House On Main Street before going back to Annapolis with her grieving tweener and her aunt.

While her two charges angrily tell her they will stay in the Pacific Northwest, Tess and Cade the town sheriff meet for the first time in years. Cade is attracted to his childhood BFF; but must persuade Tess to stay and give them a chance.

From the grave, Emily steals the show from her living relatives and ex-boyfriend as the quartet and others have different visions as to who she was to them. Readers will enjoy this second chance Christmas romance while applying the What’s My Line question: “Will the real Emily please stand up?”

Harriet Klausner


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