If You Were Mine-Bella Andre

If You Were Mine
Bella Andre
Mira, Oct 29 2013, $7.99
ISBN 9780778315605

Racecar driver and dealership owner Zach Sullivan easily says no to his brother Gabe (see Can’t Help Falling In Love), but refusing his preadolescent niece Summer is something he cannot do. When she insists her Uncle Zach watch Cuddles, her Yorkie, while she and her parents are in Europe, he reluctantly agrees

Zach soon realizes he is out of his element dealing with the three-pound terrorist who destroys his shoes and other items. He needs professional help; so asks dog trainer Heather Linsey to assist him with the hyperactive fluff ball. Heather’s 200-pound Great Dane Atlas and Cuddles become BFFs while Heather and Zach begin to fall love; albeit at a much slower pace than the canines because the dogs don’t have human trust issues.

The fifth Sullivan siblings’ romance (see I Only Have Eyes for You) is a wonderful contemporary, which affirms the W.C. Fields’ wry comment “never work with animals or children” as first Summer and then the dogs steal the show from adults. With the extended Sullivan brood making appearances, fans will enjoy this amusing sweet entry.

Harriet Klausner


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