Would-Be Christmas Wedding-Debra Webb

Would-Be Christmas Wedding
Debra Webb
Harlequin Intrigue, Oct 22 2013, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373697236

In DC Mission Recovery Deputy Director Emmett Holt knows how it feels to be a traitor and hates it as he walks a tightrope between his boss Thomas Casey (see Bridal Armor) watching his every move and raging criminal Bernard Isely’s demands. The former has Holt tailed while the latter wants Holt’s assistance in destroying Casey and recovering a deadly virus that Mission Recovery took from him.

Holt plans to use Casey’s widowed sister, CIA operative Cecelia Manning, as the lure to capture the psychopath. To spring his trap, Casey joins an online matchmaking site to romance his bait. As Cecilia throws a gala honoring her late husband who died last year; the traitor and the agent fall in love while his respect for her resolve to bring down a dangerous adversary grows.

The newest Colby Agency Specialists’ entry (see Ready, Aim…I Do) is a fabulous romantic espionage thriller. The lead couple makes the taut tale work as he goes deep undercover as a traitor and she risks her life as she must make a “Lady or the Tiger” (by Frank Stockton) choice. Fast-paced readers will enjoy the poorly titled Would-Be Christmas Wedding.

Harriet Klausner


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