His Until Midnight-Nikki Logan

His Until Midnight
Nikki Logan
Harlequin Kiss, October 22 2013, $4.99
ISBN: 9780373207381

Australian Oliver Harmer believes in fidelity after growing up observing his father constantly cheating on his mother. Though he dates a lot, he remains a bachelor because the woman he loves Audrey Devaney is married to his friend Blake who is a wandering spouse. Every year Oliver and Audrey meet for lunch on December 20th in Hong Kong until two years when she failed to arrive from Sydney.

Shocking her, Oliver fails to attend Blake’s funeral. When they met last year for lunch, she said they are not friends. He asked her what they are; as he planned to tell her how he always felt about her before she can escape back to Australia.

With a nod to the 1978 Alda-Burstyn film Same Time, Next Year, His Until Midnight is an engaging contemporary with a wonderful coda twist that explains the dysfunctional triangle, but it needed to appear earlier especially after the link died. Still fans will enjoy dining with the nice couple Oliver and Audrey at the Qinting Restaurant.


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