Mr. Lynch’s Holiday-Catherine O’Flynn

Mr. Lynch’s Holiday
Catherine O’Flynn
Holt, Oct 8 2013, $26.00
ISBN: 9780805091816

Eamonn and Laura moved from England to a new condo in picturesque Lomaverde, Spain. However, When the Spanish economy tanks, the complex falls into unfinished disrepair. Residents with choices abandon the place including Laura who flees for home. Depressed and angry, Eamonn struggles to teach his online English class.

His father Dermot the retired bus driving widower surprises Eamonn when he arrives from Birmingham. The trapped bitter British expatriates welcome Dermot who feels at home in the rundown development that reminds him of his childhood in the Irish slums. His enthusiasm brings a new hope for those trapped in a nightmare that once was a dream.

Mr. Lynch’s Holiday is an engaging character study that looks deep at the impact of the Great Recession on a once upscale boom town changed into a Depression Era-like ghost-town. Dermot is a Pied Piper as his energetic optimism brings a magical reawakening to those including his son living dead in Lomaverde.


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