Plaid Tidings-Mia Marlowe

Plaid Tidings
Mia Marlowe
Zebra, Oct 1 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9781420129731

In December 1821 on board the Agatha May off the coast of Scotland, Lord Alexander Mallory plays poque with Lord MacMarin who tries to distract him by reminding him of his late mother who was buried in unconsecrated grounds when he was four. Controlling his ire, Mallory wins Bonniebroch estate in their card game.

Alex is elated as the first step in his plan to mingle among the local clans so that he can capture rebel Scots may work as he has a reason to be there now as Lord Bonniebroch. However, he soon learns that as the lord he is legally bound to marry Lucinda MacOwen and that the estate is cursed. Bewildered Alex also finds out that Lu sees a ghost. As they fall in love, Alex, as the only one who can, tries to break the curse before Twelfth Night ends his revised plan.

This enjoyable Scottish Regency paranormal romance is a fun historical. As Robert Burns said: “the best laid plans of mice and (Mallory) often go astray” when love haunts the hero. Sub-genre fans will appreciate this amusing satirical story.

Harriet Klausner


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