A Bride For Noah-Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A Bride For Noah
Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith
Harvest House, Oct 1 2013, $13.99
ISBN: 9780736953474

In 1851, Evie Lawrence has no future prospects having been kicked out of the family home after her parents died by her uncle. In Chattanooga, Evie works for Miles Coffinger, whose nephew Noah Hughes has a business venture in Elliot Bay, Oregon Territory. Miles sells the concept to go west and agrees to finance Evie’s restaurant as partners. They over the objection of his wife, and three single women (Lucy and Sarah Burrows, and Ethel Strapp) travel across the country to work at the establishment in the Pacific Northwest.

However the logging camp is a dump and the men have different ideas when it comes to the females’ occupation. Noah hates his attraction to Evie. To her chagrin Evie shares Noah’s feelings of unwanted desire, but both have business dreams that do not include a romantic relationship.

Leaving the Amish in Apple Grove, Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith open up the Seattle Brides inspirational saga with a strong historical romance that showcases the founding of the Pacific Northwest city. The protagonists are a wonderful pairing as each needs to mature and move on from past failed relationships if they are going to make it together. However, it is the logging camp beginnings of Seattle that make this a deep historical Christian mid-nineteenth century Americana.

Harriet Klausner


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