The Ninth Floor-Liz Schulte

The Ninth Floor
Liz Schulte
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jun 28 2013, $13.99
ISBN: 9781490566825

Estranged for years from her parents, Ryan Sterling vowed to never go home. At a time when her decade-long boyfriend Briggs dumps her, Mother calls telling her that Aunt Bee is in St. Michael’s Hospital and inanely named Ryan executor. Ryan refuses to allow Aunt Bee at the mercy of her family so she returns to Goodson Hollow to be there for the only person who cared about her including running her relative’s clothing store.

Scared Ryan hurts deeply as Bee suffers from kidney failure. In Bee’s hospital room, the other patient emaciated Mrs. Simpson claims the closed since 1984 Ninth Floor is haunted. Meanwhile her sibling Ashley, the youngest town mayor ever, acts snobbishly distant to his sibling emulating their parents; only younger brother Blair genuinely wants to see her. Dr. Jack Sadler welcomes Ryan as does her old boarding school roommate Vivian Golde. While Ryan offers a kidney to her aunt, she receives odd packages from an unknown source, notices a stranger Aiden stalking about, and finds out Mrs. Simpson died. She begins to believe that something is not right at St. Michael’s at the same time Ryan learns why her family exiled her; but the full truth appears to be on The Ninth Floor.

This is a terrific horror tale that hooks the reader with a need to know why the hospital locked away The Ninth Floor. Fans will wonder whether ghosts walk the corridors, if this is a psychological suspense, or a psychopath; and why Ryan’s parents treat her as they do. Liz Schulte provides her audience with a strong thriller that will have fans suffering the “Jaws Syndrome” to stays at hospitals.

Harriet Klausner


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