Amy & George-Ann L. McLaughlin

Amy & George
Ann L. McLaughlin
John Daniel and Company, Sep 9 2013, $15.95
ISBN: 9781564745460

In 1937, George Baldwin becomes the Dean of Harvard Law School at the same time he works for the White House on the New Deal. He loves his wife Sophie and their two daughters, nine year old Amy and eight year old Nina but has no time for his family as work always comes first; even when he communicates with Amy and Nina he usually does through a math problem. The rest of the household are two dogs and servants (Leola the cook, her handyman husband William and Betsy the babysitter).

His children especially the oldest hate their new location, but he insists they are receiving a good education. Amy concludes she does not know Poppy as she calls her father. Now the only person George is close to his brother Henry is moving to Butte, and Sophie is upset that family friend Frank Papush is moving nearby. Soon tragedy shakes up the Baldwin family dynamics.

This insightful Depression Era family drama looks deep at how a calamity impacts the relationships of those affected by what happens. Character driven, readers will appreciate this well written historical that provides a glimpse of an affluent family through the eyes of Amy who desperately wants to get closer to her distant dad.

Harriet Klausner


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