A Lady Most Lovely-Jennifer Delamere

A Lady Most Lovely
Jennifer Delamere
Forever, Sep 24 2013, $6.00
ISBN: 9781455518968

In 1852 Tom Poole returns from Australia to become the star of the London social season because almost everyone believes he rode a horse to shore after a shipwreck and allegedly caroused with the naked Aborigines in Australia. His finding gold only enhances his reputation though he is frustrated as the Ton’s truths are not totally true.

He is attracted to the wealthiest socialite in England, Margaret Vaughn, but she is engaged to Paul Denault, a duke’s nephew. Margaret accepted Paul’s proposal not out of love but out of necessity as her late father left the family with massive debts that they cannot pay so she seeks a wealthy spouse. Instead she learns her fiancé is another impoverished aristocrat after her alleged fortune and lofty social position. Tom offers her financial aid while hoping to persuade Margaret that in spite of his much lower status, he also tends his heart to her.

The second Love’s Grace Victorian romance (see An Heiress At Heart) is a wonderful historical due to the strong cast especially the protagonists. Fans will enjoy the no longer an affluent lady and the nouveau riche social inferior falling in love, but that may not be enough for her to trust anyone with her heart.

Harriet Klausner


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