Backstage With her Ex-Louisa George

Backstage With her Ex
Louisa George
Harlequin Kiss, Sep 17 2013, $4.99
ISBN: 9780373207343

Ten years have passed since teenagers Sasha Sweet and Nate Munro were an entry in Chesterton bound by their love for each other and for music. However, when she overheard his violent assault of a person; fearful without listening to why he lost it she dumped him. Heartbroken and feeling betrayed by his true love, Nate left town to become a Hall of Fame rock star with an infamous sex crazing reputation; Sasha became a prim and proper music teacher.

After making a promise to her students and encouraged by her sister Cassie, Sasha goes to Nate’s London concert, to beg the superstar to help raise funds for her Chesterton High No Limits mixed ability student choir to enter a competition in Manchester. She asks him to do a show to raise money; but he refuses as he loathes the town that drove him away and the school that expelled him while ignoring the bullying of his late special needs brother Marshall. Still unable to resist the woman who was the subject of several of his hit songs, Nate agrees to the concert though he fears his reaction when he meets special students who will remind him of his beloved Marshall.

This is a superb drama with a strong support cast and two seemingly opposite leads. The engaging second chance contemporary romance supports the powerful look at special needs students with each of the ensemble having different personalities especially standing out is George. Character driven, readers will root for the rock legend and the teacher to make it, and even more for the No Limits choir to have fun while hopefully winning the competition.

Harriet Klausner


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