Eventide-Shelley Shepard Gray

Shelley Shepard Gray
Avon Inspire, Sep 3 2013, $12.99
ISBN: 9780062204448

Ten years ago, Doktah Palmer fitted Elsie Keim with glasses enabling her to see. However, she is stunned by her New Order Amish family’s reaction to her wearing glasses; leaving her self-esteem gutted by how they behave towards her. Over the next decade out of misguided love they treat her like a child, which has driven Elsie to conceal how bad her vision has become.

Now her sister Viola (see Daybreak) and brother Roman (see Ray of Light) have met their mates while Elsie remains at home still the helpless invalid hiding how bad her keratoconus condition has left her; as she rejects her loved ones’ pity. Elsie and new neighbor Landon Troyer are attracted to each other, but she wants him to see her as a capable person so refuses to tell him that she is going blind. When Roman tells Landon, he fears his being away for extended business trips would leave his beloved helpless. He soon learns why she loathes her family’s help, never asks anyone for assistance, and conceals her sight problem; but Landon’s peace of mind needs his Elsie safe.

The final Days of Redemption Amish family drama is an engaging tale as each Keim member and their mates continue to struggle with issues though the prime focus is on Elsie’s relationships with her loved ones built on how each acts towards her and her with them. Readers will enjoy this engaging tale as the heroine believes love is the real handicap.

Harriet Klausner


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