How To Date A Dragon-Ashlyn Chase

How To Date A Dragon
Ashlyn Chase
Sourcebooks, Sep 3 2013, $6.99
ISBN: 9781402275722

After working excessive hours on getting her greeting card portfolio ready for a TV competition and attending a wedding in Hawaii, exhausted Bliss Russo returns to her Boston apartment to sleep. However, a few hours later, smoke awakens her. As she flees she runs into the butt of firefighter Drake Cameron who gets her to safety. Desperate Bliss begs him to go back in to rescue her computer that contains her design portfolio, which he does.

Chief Tate suspends Drake for seven days for pulling another dumb stunt by rescuing a laptop during an inferno. The last of his dragon-shifting clan Drake realizes he has too much time to think about the card designer. He knows pursuing her would devastate his death bed promise he made to his mom and he assumes she will not cope with his shapeshifting although she had a taste of that during the blaze. The only individual he met who meets his late mom’s dragon specs is Zina the biker-chick who decides Drake is her mate although he cannot understand a word she says. Bliss visits him at the station. They begin dating, but Zina plans to turn the city ablaze to get her dragon.

The latest Strange Neighbors amusing urban romantic fantasy (see The Werewolf Upstairs) is a fun frolic in spite of the female protagonist’s early selfish behavior. Zina is even more self-indulgent yet a unique anti-hero; while the male dragon ironically fights fires. Series fans will enjoy this entry as everyone knows a dragon and a human can mate but never propagate; considered statistically extinct as a species, Drake must choose between love and the next generation.

Harriet Klausner


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