Love In Plain Sight-Jeanie London

Love In Plain Sight
Jeanie London
Harlequin SuperRomance, Sep 3 2013, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373718733

Eight years since Katrina, New Orleans Department of Child and Family Services supervisor Gisele asks social worker Courtney Gerard about the Araceli Ruiz-Ortiz foster care case. Courtney explains she inherited the case after Nanette died, but nothing was out of the ordinary though Araceli entered the system just prior to Katrina caused havoc to the city and the department. Gisele informs her that the photo in the file is not Araceli. Courtney insists she is Araceli having met the child at least once a month since Nanette. A compliance officer found a discrepancy re two girls with one name and one missing. While the FBI investigates, Courtney is placed on administrative leave.

Knowing the horrors of foster child placements, Courtney wants to find the missing Araceli. She asks injured former bounty hunter Marc DiLeo to find the missing child who was apparently replaced by an undocumented just after Katrina. He agrees to help her to get his nagging family off his back, but he needs a first floor office and she must drive. Though the case is cold and made more frozen by Katrina and Rita, they find clues that lead them to Tennessee. Meanwhile Courtney sees a warm Marc beneath his cold exterior.

Love In Plain Sight is a delightful investigative romance starring two caring protagonists and the missing teen they seek. Mostly focused on the search and romance, but also provides glimpses of ARO, the entertaining storyline uses the massive chaotic aftermath of Katrina (and Rita) with documentation vanished. With a nod To Tell The Truth, fans will say “Will the real (Araceli Ruiz-Ortiz) please stand up?”

Harriet Klausner


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