Dangerous Curves Ahead-Sugar Jamison

Dangerous Curves Ahead
Sugar Jamison
St. Martin’s, Aug 27 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250032973

She knows not to eat a cookie as she is overweight; but Ellis Garret craves a Black and White. Her former boyfriend’s aunt Mrs. Toomey lectures her about healthy eating, but ignores Ellis’ humorous retorts including how her fat girl blog readers and her customers of size at the clothing store would disapprove if she switched to healthy tasteless treats. The man behind Mrs. Toomey on the line intercedes by telling the undernourished hag to mind her business over what Ellis places in her mouth and instead focus on her own huffing and puffing lungs. Ellis is stunned as her sister Dina’s ex-boyfriend police detective Mike Edwards defends her.

Mike is attracted to full figured Ellis and enjoys her sense of humor. Ellis, who had a crush on him when he was dating her sibling, refuses to believe a hunk like Mikey would like and desire a Rubenesque figure when he can choose any beauty he wants. However, he has allies like her parents, her workers, her bloggers and his buddy to persuade his BBW that she owns his heart (and other body parts).

The first Perfect Fit romance is an amusing contemporary as the heroine’s wry and at times in your face humor make for a wonderful tale. Mike is a strong individual who knows whom he covets while the eccentric secondary characters add depth to the fun tale. Though the lovemaking scenes feel more of a sub-genre requirement, readers will appreciate this delightful story staring I’m not a believer protagonist; who “thought love was only true in fairy tales; meant for someone else but not for (her)” (The Monkees’ “I’m A Believer”).

Harriet Klausner


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