Twisted-Marjorie Brody

Marjorie Brody
Bell Bridge, Mar 20 2013, $14.95
ISBN: 9781611942569

At the Canonville High School dance, Howard Blake persuades fourteen years old freshman Sarah Anne Hausman to teach him to dance behind the gym. Instead he begins sloppy kisses she does not want when three other boys arrive. Turnbull HS Letter Jacket tells Howard he failed to make the club. The football player orders Howard to leave, which he does. He and his companions rape Sarah.

Ashamed, she believes strongly in abstinence except in marriage especially since Pastor J says those who fail the Father by choosing the flesh will burn in hell. Thus, Sarah hides her torn dress and conceals her battered body from her Momma. However, even seeing raw meat makes Sarah feel ill and Momma notices her strange behavior while Daddy protects her. Guilt-ridden Howard tells her he is going to the cops; soon afterward Canonville PD CID Detective Ronaldson questions Sarah with her parents away and later suggests to her parents a pregnancy test. Momma takes her to Dr. Perchek who affirms the young teen is pregnant. Humiliated Momma and kind Daddy struggle with the news. Only eighteen years old pregnant Judith, expecting to marry her Carleton, seems to understand Sarah’s fall from grace.

Twisted is a fascinating character-driven, leisurely-paced tale that enables the reader to get inside the mind of a rape victim who is forced to grow up rather quickly. With a stunning Twisted climax that comes out of nowhere; readers will appreciate this deep look at a teenager struggling to survive in a world filled with bullying predators.

Harriet Klausner

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