I, Saul- Jerry B. Jenkins and James MacDonald

I, Saul
Jerry B. Jenkins and James MacDonald
Worthy, Aug 27 2013, $24.99
ISBN: 9781617950063

At the Arlington Theological Seminary in Texas, Dr. Augie Knox is interrupted by an urgent text message that he failed to immediately respond to because he is teaching a class. Not long afterward his beloved Sofia Trikouplis calls him from Greece to tell him that Roger Michaels desperately needs him to call him. Roger tells Augie he needs him in Rome ASAP. Dropping everything including his job, Augie races to Italy where Roger struggles to save ancient Saul parchments from thieves.

In A.D. 67 Rome, no longer Saul of Tarsus since he converted from persecutor to follower of Jesus Christ, Paul sits in a dungeon awaiting execution. However, he feels a need to write about his atrocities and his redemption so that others may find their path to the Lord easier. He prays to God that his friend Luke can help him with his final days.

I, Saul is an engaging tale in which a modern day seminary professor and his allies struggle to protect the invaluable writings of the title character. The storyline rotates back and forth with the opening chapters deliberately slow to introduce the cast from both eras. Once done, the Augie subplot accelerates into a typical action-packed thriller; while the Saul subplot provides a fascinating look at the person who symbolizes second chances.

Harriet Klausner


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