Born of Persuasion-Jessica Dotta

Born of Persuasion
Jessica Dotta
Tyndale, Aug 16 2013, $13.99
ISBN: 9781414375557

In 1838, teenager Julia Elliston learns her mom committed suicide and with her abusive father already dead she is now the property of a guardian who plans to sequester her as a companion to an ailing woman in Scotland. She tells everyone that mama died suddenly from cholera while considering her options as she does not want to be the poor relative toiling in servitude as an exile.

Her hope resided with her betrothed Edward but since he became ordained as a vicar, Julia knows he cannot marry her as the daughter of an atheist; as her drowning should not pull her beloved under the water too. Family friend Mrs. Windham offers money to Miss Pitts to find a husband for Julia who insists only a gentleman will do. Lady Foxmore shockingly offers to sponsor Julia, but hides her real motive from the lass who is the focus of an odious wager.

This Price of Privilege early Victorian inspirational romance is a terrific historical that brings to life the era through the first-hand account of Julia. The support cast is solid with everyone insisting they know what is best for Julia (and themselves) while no one considers what the protagonist wants. Born of Persuasion belongs to Julia who insists she will not accept being property for others to discard though she will learn how difficult this will prove for someone without rights.

Harriet Klausner


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