Snow Fence Road-Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Snow Fence Road
Phyllis Edgerly Ring
Black Lyon Publishing, Jun 15 2013, $12.95
ISBN: 9781934912546

Reclusive carpenter Evan Marston drives sexagenarian Claire to the funeral of Andy Hollinger who died from cancer. Claire worries about the deceased’s grieving fiancée Tess Johansen who she invites to spend time at her Spinnaker Inn in Knowle, Maine. Depressed, Claire accepts the invitation as she recalls the wonderful season she and Andy had there.

The inn reminds Evan of when he fell fifty feet while Claire’s niece his beloved Celia died in the accident that destroyed his life. Still he and Tess become friends as she buys a share of the inn hoping to regain some equilibrium while concealing her feelings of guilt. When she delivers paintings to a Portland art gallery for a friend, Tess, begins emotionally to heal; and soon afterward her changing demeanor miraculously helps Evan, Claire, and the elderly sad artist Rowan as each learns all work can only numb the pain while love overwhelms the torment.

This is an entertaining contemporary drama starring a wonderful coastal Maine locale and a strong cast with each suffering guilt and remorse that at differing degrees cripple their respective lives. Character-driven, readers will relish this engaging storyline as various requited loving relationships supersede internal strife though you never forget those you lost.

Harriet Klausner


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