Bucking The Rules-Kat Murray

Bucking The Rules
Kat Murray
Kensington Brava, Jun 25 2013, $9.95
ISBN: 9780758281067

On their family ranch in Marshall, South Dakota, Trace Muldoon says he wants famous horse trainer Red Callahan to move into the main house as he sleeps with his sister Peyton the ranch manager all the time (see Taking The Reins). Trace wants to move into the trainer’s house with his one years old son Seth. Red tells him his younger sister soap opera actress Bea beat him to the house.

In town, newbie Josephine Tallen owns a bar while living in the upstairs apartment. Peyton watches Seth while Trace and Red go to Jo’s Place. Trace and the owner flirt with each other and soon have sex, but she insists their relationship remain secret. When Trace asks Josephine out; she emphasizes no relationship as her mom married seven times, but agrees to dinner; which proves nice, but he fails to mention Seth. When Jo learns Trace has a child he failed to mention, she wants nothing further to do with him. However, due to a Bea emergency, Josephine suffers a near nervous breakdown when Trace leaves Seth with her. Soon afterward her liquor license becomes in jeopardy due to her responsible behavior towards a town’s favorite son, but many locals defend her.

The keys to the second rousing Roped & Wrangled ranch romance are the lead female suffers from relationship phobia that feels genuine and the baby acts like a baby as both prove legitimate roadblocks to a permanent relationship; Jo’s time with Seth is insightful. Although the townsfolk overwhelmingly support the big city newcomer over a long time powerful resident in a liquor accident dispute seems doubtful, readers will enjoy the engaging Bucking the Rules.

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