The Entity Within-Cat Devon

The Entity Within

Cat Devon

St. Martin’s, Jul 2 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9780312547806


The Boston witches coven banishes Zoe Adams and her grandma Irma.  Unable to remain in Boston, Irma’s longtime friend Nick St. George invites the two shunned females to stay with him as his guests in Chicago.  Neither Irma nor Nick tell Zoe that he is a vampire residing in the gated community Vamptown along with others of his species. 


Demon hunter Damon Thornheart the vampire recently moved to Vamptown.  He loathes witches due to an ally betraying him.  He and Zoe meet with plenty of fire, ire and desire.  However when Irma looks into the Book of Darkness, she releases demons in Vamptown.  This affirms Damon’s belief that witches are untrustworthy though he reluctantly accepts Zoe as his teammate seeking the truth behind the demon invasion.


The second Vamptown romantic urban fantasy (see Sleeping with the Entity) is an amusing paranormal though the humor at times seems flat.  Still the lead couple is a wonderful pairing of a witch and an anti-witch falling in love in the fully developed vivacious vivid Vamptown.


Harriet Klausner


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