Confessions Of An Almost Girlfriend-Louise Rozett

Confessions Of An Almost Girlfriend

Louise Rozett

Harlequin Teen, Jun 25 2013, $9.99

ISBN: 9780373210657


Rose Zarelli feels she has matured considerably since her Union High School freshman year as she believes she is no longer angry at her loved ones including her late dad who died eighteen months ago in Iraq though she still sees a therapist her mom.  Rose feels she will be the breakout music star of the sophomore class.  She will swim away from trouble by avoiding being the abused Good Samaritan, which means ignoring her brother’s apparent drug problem, and emphatically refusing to allow the principal to interrogate her like she is an enemy combatant.  Finally, she plans to tell incommunicado Jamie Forta to stick it.


Rose and her BFF Traci attend a party at Mike Darren’s house.  Nothing looks different amidst the school hierarchy including the swimming team bullying Conrad.  When Conrad looks like he will drown, Rose intercedes only to be shoved into the pool; not a good way to end summer and start as Rose 2.0.


The second Confessions young adult drama (see Confessions of an Angry Girl) is an engaging look at a teenager trying to reinvent herself while swimming against the high school caste current.  Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend is current with real issues throughout like homophobic bullying, violence (accentuated with a bench clearing brawl)and teen drug use, but somewhat lightened with humor that at times feels out of place as Rose learns to sing Love Hurts (Nazareth).


Harriet Klausner


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