The Favor-Megan Hart

The Favor

Megan Hart

Mira, Jun 25 2013, $14.95

ISBN: 9780778314400


Two decades have passed since Janelle Decker left St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania for California.  Her family tells her that her grandmother Nan has a brain tumor.  Janelle knows what she must do; so, accompanied by her twelve year old son Bennett, she returns home to care for Nan.


Though she loved living with Nan as a teen, Janelle is unprepared for Gabe Tierney living next door.  They were falling in love until the accident ended their relationship, tore apart the Tierney siblings (Gabe, Andy and Mike), and self-exiled Janelle from the town.  Still attracted to each other, both have secrets from what happened twenty years ago that prevents a relationship from occurring.


This is an intriguing but slow-paced second chance at love dysfunctional family drama.  The cast is solid especially the three dysfunctional brothers but the key mystery once unveiled somewhat late does not bring much suspense.  Still readers will enjoy this tale as “To forgive is human, to forget divine”, but sometimes one must forget the relationship.


Harriet Klausner


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