What the Paparazzi Didn’t See-Nicola Marsh

What the Paparazzi Didn’t See

Nicola Marsh

Harlequin Kiss, Jun 18 2013, $4.99

ISBN: 9780373207220


In Melbourne Liza Lithgrow is an elite sportsman’s WAG (wives and girlfriends) in order to pay for the care of her disabled younger sister Cindy.  The paparazzi love capturing her with affluent athletes like Jimmy.  However, Liz feels good that she has finally made the money needed to insure Cindy’s care for life so plans to become an ex-WAG.


Qu Publishing CEO Wade Urquart and Liza meet and share an incredible night as she celebrates her liberation.  The morning after is ruined when they learn who the other is.  He wants her to write a scandalous kiss-and-tell autobiography that will save his company; while she learns her investment broker Walden Wren ran off with his clients’ money including her sister’s trust fund.  As she agrees to write her story, they fall in love but Liza fears Wade will not see beyond what the paparazzi see.


This is an emotional Australian contemporary romance starring two protagonists with family issues that motivate both of them; as besides caring for her sister, her parents deserted Cindy, and he failed his late father so guilt drives his need to save Qu.  Though readers should skip Liza Lithgrow’s “Style Tips for Maximum WAG Wow Impact” which opens each chapter with amusing cuteness that feels out of place, fans will relish this strong passionate tale.


Harriet Klausner


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