A Walk Down The Aisle-Holly Jacobs

A Walk Down The Aisle

Holly Jacobs

Harlequin SuperRomance, Jun 4 2013, $5.75

ISBN: 9780373718580


In Valley Ridge, New York, Sophie Johnston and Colton McCray are at the alter about to exchange marital vows when angry fourteen year old Tori Allen arrives claiming the bride was her mother.  Stunned, Colt calls off the wedding as his fiancée never mentioned giving away a baby for adoption and wonders what other secrets Sophie concealed from him.


Though heartbroken, Sophie likes the idea of getting to know her blue haired daughter whose parents gave them permission to become acquainted.  When she learns she is pregnant, Sophie refuses to give Colton a second chance though she loves him deeply.  He feels like a villain though she failed to tell him about a daughter. 


The latest Valley Ridge Wedding (see You Are Invited and April Showers) is a fabulous relationship drama as life proves increasingly convoluted for the bride and groom.  Readers will enjoy this Lake Erie romance as Holly Jacobs provides a wonderful tale as the perfect couple proves imperfect.


Harriet Klausner

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