Benedict Hall-Cate Campbell

Benedict Hall

Cate Campbell

Kensington, May 28 21013, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758287595


WWI changed society as etiquette rules seem inane when soldiers dealt with mustard gas and suffragettes demand their rights including the vote and Prohibition. 


In 1920 Seattle, the wealthy and their servants also feel the winds of change.  Affluent Preston Benedict invites his comrade in arms former Wyoming rancher Frank Parrish to dinner at his family’s mansion.  Frank lost an arm in combat but obtained a job with Boeing in Seattle.  Preston’s sister Margot and Frank become friends and begin to fall in love as he encourages her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.  Before the war Preston was sadistic though servants risked his wrath to protect his kind caring sister, but now he adds a rage and a need at all costs to return to a seemingly dead past when the Benedicts were one of Seattle’s blueblood ruling families.


Benedict Hall is at its best when the focus is on the major societal impacts brought forth by WWI; the storyline adds excitement but somewhat disengages when Preston’s over the top psychopathic behavior takes center stage as he acts beyond frustrated and opposed to the changes.  Still fans will enjoy Cate Campbell’s overall entertaining look at the Pacific Northwest just after the “war to end all wars” ended.


Harriet Klausner


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